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TrailMe usage

To take part in Salomon Lantau70 2021, participants must install TRAILME, which is a tracking app that provides real-time information during a running race. Not only does TRAILME provide live tracking, it also updates the leaderboard instantly. Family and friends are also welcome to download the app and create an account to support the race online.




TRAILME App can be downloaded from your App Store via the following links.

App Store: 

Google Play Store:

Step 1: Install the app (refer to the links above) 

Step 2: Create an Account (please note that your email must be the same as the one you applied for LT70 2021)

For details on how to create an account, you can refer to the following document for details.

Please click here to see more video introduction about TRAILME.

During the event period, participants can use their own timing devices, however, the LT70 2021 official results will solely be based on TRAILME’s records. TTH reserves the right to make all final decisions.

How to register for Salomon Lantau70 in TRAILME

To use TRAILME, some basic settings is needed,

  1. Turn ON Bluetooth and Mobile Data

  2. Turn on GPS or Location Service – Always turn ON permission in Location Services (under Privacy during the event)

Steps and Guidelines for TRAILME registration

  1. Tap "Salomon Lantau 70 Virtual Event"

  2. Select the course and category you would like to complete.

  3. Read the event details carefully and tap “REGISTER”.

  4. Tap “CONFIRM” to confirm the course you would like to complete.

  5. Fill in/ confirm your personal information and tap the arrow  ( → ) at the bottom to move on to the next page. Tap “SAVE” once you are done. 

  6. You will receive a virtual number bib after you have successfully registered for the chosen course of event. You can provide the same number bib for your friends and family to support you through your race virtually.

  7. Tap “START RUNNING” to start your race or tap the back arrow  (←) to return to the homepage. 

Multiple registration

If you are applying for more than one course or if you are applying for the full course in 4 stages, multiple registration is needed. Please register separately as a new number bib will be assigned for each application.

TRAILME Phone setting


After you finished your race

Once you reach your finish point, TRAILME will record your arrival time automatically. An SMS with your finishing time will be sent to you after you have completed the Event.



Quit in Midway

If you would like to withdraw from the event for any reason, please tap ‘GIVE UP’ in the top right corner. Please note that if you tap ‘GIVE UP’, unfinished distances from previously chosen events will not be recorded.