The Salomon Lantau 70 has been cancelled due to the current Covid-19 restrictions in place in Hong Kong. After speaking to all the relevant government departments, we have been told that there is no way the race can go ahead.

The good news is that the Lantau 70 will be a virtual race!  If you are a registered participant, you've already received your refund, but you also have a free entry to the virtual race.  For everyone else, the virtual race will cost just $70HKD.  This race will have rankings and you will be able to collect ITRA points towards future races. 

To register for the virtual race, please fill out the google form.  You will have from October 31st until November 30th to complete the course.  You will need to submit your Strava data to be eligable for a ranking and ITRA points.

You will need to run the ACTUAL COURSE of the Lantau 70, including the Tai O diversion.  Please also join the Strava Lantau 70 Club.  Support at the official aid stations is absolutely encouraged, but please stick to the spirit of the race and DO NOT use a pacer at any point along the course.

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About Us

Back to the Roots of Trail Running

For over 10 years Jeremy and Valerie have been at the heart of Trail running in Hong Kong.  In 2012 they opened Lantau Base Camp in Mui Wo and went on to create several iconic races, including the LT 70 and the Stairmaster Series.  Jeremy is well known for his inability to say no to a race and he's excited to get back into organizing his own events.  Val's always been passionate about course design and is keen to put together some new events for all ages.  We're super proud to announce our acquisition of the Lantau Vertical and can't wait to show you what else we have to offer.



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