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Lantau 70

March 15th, 2025

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About Us

Back to the Roots of Trail Running

For over 15 years we have been at the heart of Trail running in Hong Kong.  In 2012 we opened Lantau Base Camp in Mui Wo and went on to create several iconic races, including the LT 70 and the Stairmaster Series.  Jeremy is well known for his inability to say no to a race and he's literally run 100s, in addition to organising dozens of events.  Val's always been passionate about course design and has a keen interest to putting together events for people of all ages and abilities.  It's been a tough few years for everyone who loves trail running in Hong Kong, but we are very excited to have events coming back to life in 2023, starting with a successful Valentine's Day race and the upcoming Lantau 70.  Look out for more races soon! 


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